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Christmas Vintage Market

The Christmas Season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! The first snow flakes have fallen, I’m wearing slippers around the house and sipping hot tea all day long. I will be away for part of December on my first trip to Iceland (more on that later!) so I’ve been feeling the urge to start my celebrations a little earlier this year. I want to decorate and bake and jump start my traditions a bit earlier than usual so I can maximize my Christmasness. It seems like many of us are sharing this same sentiment this year. I’ve noticed lights up earlier than ever and a few of my friends have trees up already! In the past I may have scrooged my nose up at that but this season, I say Deck the Halls!



If making our homes a little more festive, a little cozier and a little warmer makes people feel good, I say go for it. We’re Canadians after all, and its a long winter- we should embrace it! If you’re looking to start celebrating too, come join us Saturday, November 29th from 9am-3pm at the first ever Christmas Vintage Market hosted by Fleurish Design Studio. There will be some incredible local vendors including Oliver and Rust , Harmony on West, Bows and Loops & Apples and Honeycombs. Exciting! If you want to get some design ideas, gift ideas, enjoy a hot beverage, donate to a good cause and enjoy some good company, this is for you 🙂

Its so fun to shop online, its easy, convenient and a click away; but there is something to be said for seeing a handmade product in person. Touching it. Trying it one, and falling in love. Let us know if you have any questions or special product requests that you want to see us bring in person that day.

-H. xo



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Baseball Hat Pattern

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This has been one of the longest, coldest winters we’ve had in recent memory and it’s been a long, l o n g while since we’ve felt the warmth of the sun, and the soft grass under foot. The glorious heat wave we had today had me all kinds of excited for summer salads, afternoons swimming in the lake and of course, baseball.I think there is a myth floating about that knitwear is strictly for cold weather. On the contrary, good quality wool (merino) is one of nature’s little miracles: yes it keeps us toasty in the winter, but wool actually cools in the summer, naturally wicking away sweat and moisture. This baseball hat is perfect for summer nights at the ball park and carries right through to fall. I developed this baseball hat pattern last year and it’s become one of my best selling hats, and one of my favourites to make. It knits up so nicely and making the baseball stitching at the end is so satisfying. So, as I was saying, it’s been a while, and it’s time for a free pattern!

Baseball Hat Pattern

This pattern is written in size 3-6months but you can easily make larger sizes by increasing an additional 6 stitches per size increase (or decrease by 6 stitches for newborn). If you need help with the pattern as written, or in adapting it leave feedback below.

Get Ready:


  • 50g of 100% Merino wool or similar high quality wool medium weight (here I used 8ply Pear Tree Yarn from Australia). **note: This hat also knits exceptionally well with same weight Organic Cotton
  • Approx 1 meter of contrast colour (red)
  • Needles: US Size 6 & 7 Double pointed needles (for larger hat sizes use 16″ needles and DPNs after the decrease).
  • Tapestry needle
  • Optional: stitch marker, fabric marker

The Pattern:

Using size 6 DPNs cast on 60 stitches, divided evenly. Join for working in the round, add stitch marker if you prefer using one.

Knit a 2×2 rib (k2, p2) for 3/4″ – 1” depending on how large you want the brim to be.

Switch to size 7 double pointed needles.

Knit every row in the round until hat measures 4 1/4”.

For larger sizes you will add 1/4 inch per size (4, 4 1/4, 4 1/2” etc).

Begin decreases:

*K2tog, k5** repeat from * to **
Knit 2 rows.

*K2tog, k4** repeat from * to **.
knit 2 rows

*k2tog, k3** repeat from * to **
knit 1 row

*k2tog, k2** repeat from * to **
Knit 1 row

*k2tog, k1** repeat from * to **

k2tog all the way around

Cut tail and weave strand through remaining stitches with tapestry needle. Weave in ends.

Baseball Stitch:

Create baseball stitching using contrasting colour and duplicate stitch pattern.

For those rookie knitters: duplicate stitch simply means covering existing stitches with a different colour yarn, usually to create pictures or words. In this case we will be duplicating stitches to look like baseball stitching, like the picture below.  If you are unsure, or this is your first time you may wish to use a fabric pen to mark the stitches you wish to duplicate. Take your time, plan out your stitches beforehand, but if you aren’t happy with the placement you can easily take them out and regroup. I will make a fully photographed duplicate stitch tutorial soon, but until then follow these simple steps:

  • thread the contrast colour yarn through tapestry needle
  • find the first stitch you want to duplicate. I start with one near the brim.
  • Bring your needle from the back of the work (inside the hat) to the front (right side of hat) through the bottom point of a stitch, or a “V”. (Leave a generous tail in the back so you can weave it in at the end.)
  •  Next, thread the needle across the stitch ABOVE the one you are dupicating. To do this insert your needle from RIGHT to LEFT into both loops of the stitch above and pull gently.
  • Then insert the needle back into the bottom of the “V”, the same place where you began. You have now duplicated one stitch!
  • Repeat the process on the next stitch you’ve chosen to duplicate. I space mine out by leaving two stitches between each duplicated “baseball” stitch. Continue duplicating stitches in a baseball pattern around the hat. Repeat the process for the next set of stitches and weave in your ends.
  • Enjoy your little slugger!

Look like too much work? Not as crafty as you’d like to be? You can order a custom made hat from me, anytime 🙂Happy Knitting,

Love Heather xoxo

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Diaper Cake Tutorial

Good gosh that was a long winter! My tulips are juuuust starting to peek out of the ground and it’s almost starting to feel like Spring. And you know what that means….’Shower’ season is upon us! Many of you Best Friends, God Mothers and Sisters will soon be fast at work making favours, finger sandwiches and decorations (oh, and cleaning of course). I have hosted many ‘o shower – both wedding and baby over the years – and I completely understand the amount of time, money and paper-cuts that go into preparing for the big day. I love playing hostess. Planning, cooking, serving cocktails… what’s not to love? This week I thought I’d share a baby shower staple, an oldie but a goodie- here is my favourite way to create a diaper cake. I swear it’s fast, easy, fool proof and adaptable to any theme you can think of. This DIY will show two different gender neutral themes: nursery book theme and giraffe/animal themed.

No matter which theme you use, the basic recipe of the cake will stay the same. I like to roll my diapers into a little sausage shape, and hold them closed with a clear mini elastic. These can be found at hair supply stores or many office supply/stationary stores. Unfortunately pure white disposable diapers are hard to come by these days. Most brands incorporate Elmo, Cookie Monster and the like, so begin your sausage fold with that colourful waistband so that it ends up in the middle of the egg roll, not to ruin the beautiful diaper cake aesthetic.My book club threw a surprise baby shower for one of our favourite members, so naturally I had to create a  book club themed cake. I chose Curious George.What You Need to bake a Book Themed Diaper Cake:

1. Cake Board or other thick cardboard to support the weight of the cake

2. Diapers: Size and number depend on you. I prefer size 1 as some babies will be too big for new born straight out the gate. The number of diapers you need will depend on how big you build your cake, I typically use about 80.

3. Two types of rubber bands: large super stretchy rubber bands & tiny clear elastics

4. Glue gun and glue

5. Something large and round to use as the center of the cake (such as a bottle of champagne)

6. Accessories & Decorations: ribbon, cut outs, books, stuffed animals etc. Use your imagination!

Step 1:

Position whatever you are using as the center of your cake on the center of the cake board or cardboard. I love to use bottles of Champgne because they’re the perfect shape (your cake tapers from large base to small top), they’re heavy and sturdy AND it’s like a bonus gift once Mom dismantles her diaper cake! Don’t drink? Don’t worry, non-alcoholic version to follow 😉  Put one of your big rubber bands around the bottle and insert your diaper egg rolls between the elastic and bottle as shown below.

Step 2:

Continue building the bottom layer of the cake. Depending on how stretchy your rubber bands are you may be able to do it all with one elastic, or you may need to add more. I usually stop after 3 rows, but feel free to keep building!

Step 3:

Continue building the second layer of your cake the same as the first. I do two rows of diaper burritos on this layer.

Step 4:

Top layer, same as the other two, only one row of diaper sausages. Take a moment to check that your diapers are lined up evely, no weak spots, only white facing outwards, no Elmos peeking out…

Step 5:

Accessorize! The fun part! Adding a thick ribbon around each layer hides the ugly rubber bands. TIP: please make sure that when attaching the ribbon using the hot glue gun that you do not get my hot glue on the rubber bands or they will melt, snap back, hurt you, and your cake will collapse!

Diaper Cake #2: Animal Theme

1. Cake Board or other thick cardboard to support the weight of the cake

2. Diapers: Size and number depend on you. I prefer size 1 as some babies will be too big for new born straight out the gate. The number of diapers you need will depend on how big you build your cake, I typically use about 80.

3. Two types of rubber bands: large super stretchy rubber bands & tiny clear elastics

4. Glue gun and glue

5. Something large and round to use as the center of the cake (such as a a container of baby wipes)

6. Accessories & Decorations: ribbon, cut outs, blanket, stuffed animals etc. Use your imagination!

Follow the steps for a basic diaper cake above. In this case I swapped out the bottle of champagne for a container of baby wipes. In that case I needed to add more diapers to the top layer of the cake as the wet wipes are not as tall as a bottle. I also wrapped a coordinating theme blanket around the bottom layer of the cake, tucking and securing it around as I went. This cake needed to be gender neutral so I chose giraffes as a neutral accent. Another fun detail is adding burlap or ribbon on the base of the cake to disguise the cake board.

Happy Baking!

-Heather xo

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